3 secrets for ensuring behaviour change in 2019

The point of learning in the workplace is to ultimately establish and develop skills within learners that help organisations to adapt and thrive. That said, with only 15% of L&D professionals reporting to have noticed positive changes in staff behaviour, it is clear that the extent to which learning is having an impact on subsequent...

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3 fresh ideas to reinvigorate busy learners in 2019

Every day, your employees face numerous clients, managers, reports and projects competing for their attention. With 55% of workers saying they lack time to learn, it is clear heading into 2019 that we need to apply some  forward-thinking to recapture the attention of the learners and revive their passion for learning. 1 Most of our...

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Improving learning with technology

Does anyone remember how hard it was to answer a question before the internet? It was a bit like an old episode of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ – you could ask the audience (i.e. the people who happen to be in the room with you) or phone a friend. Now, of course, we...

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