Bob Schaefer

Bob Schaefer is currently the Senior Manager of Learning Infrastructure and IT for Raytheon Professional Services. With over 20 years experience in leading, implementing and managing learning infrastructures and implementing learning applications for multiple industries, Bob understands the complexities of implementations and how to tie learning to business performance.

Things to consider before replacing your learning platform...or risk failure

Line up Your Ducks Replacing your existing learning platform can be a major initiative.  If you have integrated with other company systems such as HR systems, external content providers, created detailed reports, you can have lots of work ahead. It’s important to get as much feedback as possible about your existing learning platforms, list all...

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Technical Questions to Ask Before Designing Micro-learning for Success

Micro-learning is hot! Creating smaller nuggets of learning information has been a hot trend over the past couple years. In a recent Training Industry research survey, the majority of organizations, 60%, said they believe micro-learning can improve the efficiency and application of their training initiatives. Companies are developing this method of learning with both great...

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Starting the Journey The xAPI learning concept is a simple concept of actor – verb – object: I did this.  It can be very powerful but putting this new learning standard into practice is not for "Dummies". The evolution from SCORM to xAPI appears logical and simple but also has to include governance standards and...

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Why curriculum analysis and design is key to successful content curation

Perhaps it’s an unusual analogy, but when I think of learning leaders’ attitude toward content curation,  I can't help but think about what my mother would tell me when I wanted to move on to dessert. "Eat your vegetables or you don't get any dessert", comes to mind. In today’s learning organizations, it’s sometimes easier...

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This year marks its 20th anniversary of the SCORM standard. Even so, SCORM Version 1.2 is still the dominant standard for formal learning, for most organizational learning technologists.  Lots of effort was spent advancing the standard to the SCORM 2004 version but, by this time, the 1.2 version was so entrenched for web based courses, it...

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