Gary Bragar

HR Outsourcing Research Director

Learning BPO: Meeting and Exceeding Client Expected Benefits

According to analyst and advisory firm, NelsonHall, there are several criteria to consider in terms of expected client benefits when implementing Learning Business Process Outsourcing (LBPO) including: cost savings; timeliness; employee self-service; support for new business units and country entry; integration of acquired companies; linking learning to talent management; measuring learning effectiveness and analytics. In...

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How to be Successful in Implementing Learning Business Process Outsourcing

Selecting the right partner for Learning Business Process Outsourcing (LBPO), and outsourcing for the right reasons, play a crucial role in the success of the outsourcing engagement. Buyers and their service providers need to understand why the outsourcing is occurring and what is included in the outsourcing company’s top vendor selection process. It is then...

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Top 8 Goals of Corporate Learning in Global Organizations

From guest blogger Gary Bragar, HR Outsourcing Research Director at NelsonHall In my last blog we discussed the leading trends and business drivers that have emerged since Learning Business Process Outsourcing (LBPO) got put back on the front burner over the past year. Moving forward on that topic, we’ve identified eight major goals that companies...

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8 Issues Affecting Corporate Learning Today

From guest blogger Gary Bragar, HR Outsourcing Research Director at NelsonHall Our recent research indicates that 2013 marked a turning point in Learning Business Process Outsourcing (LBPO), as organizations shifted back to reinvesting in their employees. Here’s what we found to be the top LBPO trends and business drivers today: Talent Management is Now on...

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Professional Development Makes a Comeback in 2013; But What’s in Store for 2014?

From guest blogger Gary Bragar, HR Outsourcing Research Director at NelsonHall  NelsonHall research has shown Learning Services to be the slowest human resources Business Process Outsourced service line to recover from the recession. But this past year, Learning Business Process Outsourcing (LBPO) saw a resurgence, with its highest growth rate since 2007. This is significant, signaling...

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