Improving learning with technology

Does anyone remember how hard it was to answer a question before the internet? It was a bit like an old episode of ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire?’ – you could ask the audience (i.e. the people who happen to be in the room with you) or phone a friend. Now, of course, we...

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A new age for L&D: collaborating for individualised learning

We are often asked why learning and development remains so important in the age of automation. Given that technology will soon replace many jobs, and workers (especially Millennials) regularly change employers if not careers, do we need L&D at all? In fact, it’s more important than ever. The UK L&D Report 2018 shows that 94...

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Turning Data into Learning Strategy

It’s human nature for employees working through the diagnostic process, on a given project, to want to rush ahead and jump to solutions. It’s natural to try to arrive at conclusions intuitively, but while intuition, experience and opinions from team members have their place, there needs to be discipline around the process in order to...

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How to keep your training projects from failing

Consultation. Analytics. Innovation. These strengths or areas of focus are found within many organizations, but putting them all together to develop world-class learning solutions requires a unique approach. The road to success for a training project of any size is littered with challenges. Projects fail often, 70 percent of the time according to research by...

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Designing the Process: Bringing the TA elements together

This is the finale in a series of five blogs on achieving excellence in Training Administration and recognizing the pitfalls along the way. The first part of our series was about data.  In Part II, we look at the role of technology. Part III focused on ways to keep learners engaged. Part IV helps you...

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