In search of personalized learning: A path to improved performance

Companies used to take a standardized approach to training. They would run the same courses year in year out, regardless of changing business objectives and individual employees’ specific development needs. Today’s fast changing business environment has made companies think more carefully about the training they offer employees. Study after study shows that employee development is...

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The Challenges of Delivering Learning in Volatile Times

Did you know that company life spans are shrinking? I came across a study the other day showing that large corporations have a one-in-three chance of going out of business in the next five years. Why are so many companies not making it into middle, let alone, old age? There are all sorts of reasons,...

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Training rollouts in a time of extraordinary change

Click here for more information Change is nothing new – all organizations must deal with it. But it’s the increasing speed of change that is adding an extra element of urgency to the business environment.  According to data from KPMG, 65% of CEOs argue that the next three years will be more critical for their...

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Content Curation in Times of Uncertainty

Click here for more information. If you’ve heard it once, you’ll have probably heard it a thousand times – today’s world is increasingly described as being a VUCA one – that is more Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous than it ever has been before. It’s a world where new skills not only need to be...

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What impact can Gamification have on Organisational Learning?

Our recent Raytheon Learning Symposiums in London & Frankfurt provided many best practices and take-aways from organisations such as SAP. The topic of gamification in learning, and why L&D practitioners should not hesitate to include it as part of their learning blend, was a compelling one. Part 1 Don’t be scared of ‘Gamification’ In her...

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