Bringing Learning to Work

We live in an extraordinarily “connected” society. Of the 7.1 billion people on the planet, 6 billion use a mobile phone (2013 UN Study). Even more remarkably, there are more 17 billion devices connected to the Internet. Think of those 17 billion devices as 17 billion employee learning opportunities. Do your organization’s training programs take advantage of them?

In addition to developing formal onboarding programs, today’s training leaders must bring learning to the learner. Training should not be considered a single event, but an ongoing process that accompanies employees throughout their careers. New technologies are making this possible. My tips on choosing the right training blend may help you decide which tools are most appropriate to meet your organization’s learning needs.

In addition to improving performance, continued learning can significantly increase employee satisfaction and retention rates. When executed correctly, these programs drive intrinsic employee motivation. They can be integrated into reward schemes for high performing employees.

How do you create continuous, on-the-job learning opportunities for your employees?

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Post by Yvon Balat