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Meeting the Technology Challenges of Your Agency by Andrea Fischer
Meeting the technology challenges of your agency can be a tall order, especially when those challenges require extensive change. From advances in training platforms to evolving service delivery methods, every agency is searching for the best methods to improve performance while keeping its workforce agile and responsive to new requirements and opportunities. Underlying those new opportunities are three distinct hurdles that must be overcome by any agency looking to leverage the most effective training tools and methods available.

HR Magazine
E-learning packages must consider different learning styles by Becky Frith
E-learning suppliers should consider multiple learning styles when developing packages, according to assistant HR director at Durham University Mark Crabtree. “Within a group, you’ll have those who easily hook on to the theory, some will want to be reflective and take time to consider what they have been taught, while some people just want to roll their sleeves up and have a go,” he told HR magazine. “Some people like quizzes, some like case studies. There is a whole range of things and manufacturers need to be aware of that. You’re going to have to have some sections that are just reading, but if you have some engaging exercises too that does help.”

What Learners Really Want by Todd Tauber
Everyone knows most learning happens beyond the classroom walls and outside learning management systems. But new research shows just how much — and the data are startling. In the past year, learning technology company Degreed conducted two separate surveys that show workers spend four to five times more time on self-directed learning than on internal or external learning offerings. They invest more than 14 hours a month, on average, learning on their own but just two to three hours on employer-provided learning. Those numbers should inform how and why development needs to evolve — urgently.

Training Industry
How Can E-Learning Benefit Your Staff? by Keir McDonald
Are you confident in you’re the ability of your staff to navigate the latest health and safety legislation? A mistake by one of your employees may end up damaging your company’s reputation and its finances, so it is not an issue to gamble on. Rather than spend time and money getting everyone out of the workplace and into a training center, you can have them learn about any topic that you choose straight from their desk at a fraction of the price. Online training and e-learning also enables you to evaluate your staff on how much they have remembered with a final test.

Fast Company
6 Leadership Lessons From The U.S. Women’s Soccer Team by Gwen Moran
In a thrilling, record-breaking game, the United States women’s national soccer team (USWNT) won its third FIFA Women’s World Cup (WWC) championship after defeating Japan 5-2 in Vancouver, British Columbia, on Sunday, July 5. But beyond the cheering fans and international accolades lies a team of women that have exhibited remarkable perseverance, strength, and leadership both on the field and off. Here are six important leadership lessons from the USWNT.

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