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A Review of 2013: What was Driving the Automotive Industry?

If 2013 taught us anything, it’s that the automotive industry does not stay parked for long. Constant innovation, new designs and product introductions are the norm. Therefore, as a training partner to many of the largest auto manufacturers in the world, it is imperative for our experts to stay in the fast lane. Here are a few of the themes that stood out to our automotive training professionals over the past year:

  • Training pays. A dealership sells cars in the showroom, but it builds customer relationships in the service bay. That’s why dealerships and auto manufacturers are investing more resources than ever before in training their service technicians. A bad service experience can drive a customer to another dealership or even destroy brand loyalty.
  • Complex machines call for innovative solutions. Today’s automobiles are complex, technology-fueled machines. Training for auto technicians has kept pace – evolving rapidly over the past several years. In fact, today’s training programs make the required knowledge available on demand. This way, after a technician has run the diagnostics and identified the problem, he/she is always fully equipped to fix the issue.
  • Outsourcing makes good business sense. In addition to improving overall efficacy and cutting costs, outsourcing can help car manufacturers ensure consistency of messaging and knowledge transfer. A reliable and consistent experience for consumers contributes to both sales and end-user satisfaction.
  • Apprenticeship programs accelerate growth. As the need for specialized, on-the-job training grows, more companies are incorporating apprenticeships into their existing onboarding and training programs. These apprenticeships often leverage newer training methods, such as simulation-based training, Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) and Web-Based Training (WBT), helping companies meet the needs of an “information on-demand” generation.

What was the most interesting change you noticed in the automotive industry this year? What are you looking forward to seeing in 2014?

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