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HR Magazine
Surge in Young People applying for Apprenticeship Schemes by Tom Newcombe
Online apprenticeship applications have increased by a third in the past year, according to the National Apprenticeship Service (NAS). More than 1.4 million applications were made for vacancies in the past 12 months. Demand far outstripped supply, with an average of 11 applicants for each of the 129,000 vacancies posted online.

Training Magazine
Internal Alignment and Employee Engagement are Not the Same
by Rick DeMarco
For a company to present one face to its customers, it must rally around a common vision, culture, and set of objectives and goals. There is now research that supports the belief that a highly engaged workforce leads to higher sales growth, higher margins, lower turnover, and higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. These efforts must be coordinated with brand strategy and communication efforts, or there is a high degree of risk that the company will not speak with one voice to its customers.

Avatars in E-Learning
by Vanessa Bailey
An avatar can be an important device for presenting an e-learning lesson and a valuable asset for learners. Avatars can created for a wide variety of budgets and can provide guidance to learners, offer tips, present lesson content, and speak directly to the learner. Research shows that avatars engage learners to connect with the conversational tone of the lesson.

Training Journal
The Future of Training Evaluation
by Richard Griffin
A potential revolution in training evaluation could be at hand in the future according to Richard Griffin. He writes that there will be an increased emphasis on open skills, attitudes, and values, the use of focus groups, and “alternative” methods such as the use of pictures or storytelling among many other changes.

Chief Learning Officer
Are Your Paid Interns Worth the Investment?
by Jessica Dubois-Maahs
Some organizations are finding that developing paid interns may ultimately mean increased productivity and engagement. Many companies re-evaluating their internship programs in light of some high-profile lawsuits involving unpaid internships are discovering that paid interns may actually be providing a better return on investment.

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