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Chief Learning Officer
Do You Have a Learning Management Strategy? by David Vance
Do you have a learning (or talent) management strategy? Measurement is a means to the end, and not the end in itself. We don’t measure just to measure, or at least, we shouldn’t. We measure because we need to know how we are doing against the goals we set. We need to know whether we are on track to deliver what we promised (the plan). Only by measuring and reporting the measures can we actively manage programs and initiatives to deliver planned results.

Training Magazine
Employee Engagement Is a Team Effort by Aimee Lucas
Engaged employees are valuable assets to any organization. Temkin Group’s 2013 Employee Engagement Benchmark Study found engaged employees are more committed, try harder, and want to make things better at the companies they work for. They trigger a virtuous cycle of great customer experiences resulting in more loyal customers and strong financial results. Because of these benefits, and others, it is no surprise that HR departments list employee engagement as one of the key areas they will focus on over the next three years. What approach should they take? To win the hearts and minds of employees, HR and customer experience (CX) teams need to work together.

Training Journal
British and US Workers Differ on What Makes a ‘Boss from Hell’
A new poll on bad bosses gives an insight into what workers in Britain and the United States want – and don’t want – from their leaders.

HR Magazine
Employers Must Adapt Global Mobility Strategies as Millennials Shun Emerging Markets
by Tom Newcombe
The Talent Mobility: 2020 and Beyond report predicts the number of workers taking on global assignments will increase by 50% in the next decade as companies re-think where their talent needs to be to fulfill their growth ambitions. However, the report finds there is a mismatch between where employees need talent and where the talent is willing to go.

The 5 Must-Have Qualities Of The Modern Employee
by Jacob Morgan
Dramatic changes in the way we work are being fueled by new behaviors and new technologies. To keep pace, Morgan shares five qualities that the modern employee needs to possess. Do your employees have these qualities? Do think these qualities are teachable?

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