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Performance Support – There’s an App for That

Mobile technology has made just about everything easier, and it puts the information we need literally at our fingertips. Need to find a good Italian restaurant nearby? There’s an app for that. Want help changing the oil in your car? Search YouTube on you mobile device and watch a video that walks you through it. Want to change your flight and do early check-in? There is an app for that too.

The power of mobile technology has changed the way we live, access information, and even connect with each other.

So, if we have found so many ways to make our lives easier through mobile technology, then why not do the same for the way we work? When you think about it, just about any job where you are constantly away from the office and need access to up-to-date data is a perfect candidate for mobile solutions. One example of this is a field service technician. Field service technicians in a variety of industries are dispatched every day to maintain and repair equipment all around the world. Whether a technician is repairing an ATM machine in the basement of a mall or a tractor in a rice field, the goals is to fix it right the first time. Arming them with all the information and tools they need is a critical component of achieving that objective.

Maximizing Mobile
Mobile technology can make this easier. Imagine this scenario: A work order is generated from the system that overviews the customer problem. Based on the make/model of the customer equipment and the error codes generated, specific equipment schematics and step-by-step procedures are pushed to the assigned technician’s mobile device. At the site, the technician uses a mobile device to access the required diagnostic and repair procedures, and walks through the repair step by step. The mobile device records the completion of each step for potential reporting. Halfway through the procedure, the technician gets to an unfamiliar step and is offered a quick refresher training video clip that demonstrates how to complete that step correctly. With that just-in-time training, the technician completes the repair procedure. When they restart the system to test if the repair was successful, the equipment still fails and issues the same error code. Using the mobile device, the technician invites a master technician from the central maintenance center into video/audio collaboration, and the master technician walks him through a problem-solving process. Now, imagine all this is done through a voice-activated, hands-free headset that provides all this information to the technician while leaving their hands free to perform the work. The net result is a successful repair, instead of replacing the equipment or making additional service calls. For the equipment manufacturer, that translates into significant money saved.

This is just one example of mobile performance support – and there is an app for that. Raytheon has developed an industry-leading mobile application/headset solution that is setting the standard of this kind of mobile performance support. Mobile performance support can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the “on-the-go” workforce. Stay tuned and learn more in future posts.

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