Knowledge Transfer: Too Little Too Late?

Each week Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) will highlight a trending issue with importance to the training industry. These observations are the product of ongoing conversations with customers, analysts and professionals within the business and training communities.

This week’s observation: Knowledge transfer, too little too late? There are two ends of the spectrum emerging on this issue and both point to the knowledge transfer process starting too late. Industries such as manufacturing and oil & gas are beginning to see retirements hit, but are practicing knowledge transfer too late to be effective as many workers are in “desk jobs” before leaving (while their truly valuable experience was in the field). At the other end of the spectrum, industries such as financial or professional services  are facing tenure which is typically 4 years or less;  knowledge transfer isn’t being considered or even planned for until much later in a career. In both cases, an effective knowledge transfer strategy needs to be a priority earlier in the process.

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Rachael Bourque is a manager at RPS, responsible for global market research, analyst relations and business development. She has spent the past 15 years in the professional services B2B market, developing strategies for sales and growth in solutions-driven environments. Rachael is a Qualified Raytheon Six Sigma™ specialist and is based in Dallas, Texas.