Revving Up Automotive Apprenticeships with an External Training Partner

Mechanics at work

Automotive original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), dealers, sales and service professionals and mechanics are all a part of an incredibly competitive value chain. Automotive brands need to ensure the utmost quality in manufacturing, sales and service to ensure an exceptional customer experience. This level of dedication to excellence requires well planned, well executed training for technicians and front of house staff, and much of it begins with the entry-level workforce.

At Raytheon Professional Services (RPS), we help customers meet their goals through a variety of tailored vocational programs -which include apprenticeships or custom training programs like our Shifting Gears program. Shifting Gears, an Automotive Technician Training Program, is a multi-year partnership between Raytheon, the U.S. Army and General Motors to train eligible soldiers to become GM service technicians when they transition to civilian life. This was a way to help GM and their dealerships build more comprehensive solutions to their entry level training needs. In the automotive industry in particular, an apprenticeship is an essential element to ensure the workforce is well prepared to achieve market success, meet sales goals and ensure customer satisfaction.

In order to be positioned for success, training professionals in charge of of entry-level automotive training programs must answer positively to the following questions:

• Do you have a well planned training program development process in place?
• Do you make program adjustments in recognition of cultural and educational diversity in trainees?
• Do you have the right training in place for instructors, ensuring qualified local trainers are in place?
• Do you make concessions for the limited beginning skill sets of trainees?
• Do you have a central training deployment mechanism, which ensures consistency and reduces inefficiencies?

If you answered no to these questions, you are not alone. External training services providers like RPS, that work hand in hand with OEMs, can help streamline challenges and align training to meet business goals.

RPS has been working with an integrated, competency-based approach to automotive training for more than 20 years. Our approach ensures entry-level workers are prepared by developing training courses that blend mainstream technical curriculum with custom training modules that enable rapid knowledge transfer while maintaining high quality training. It is a careful, calculated process that takes into account specific technical requirements, certifications, manufacturer needs and market conditions and requires a great deal of planning, execution and tracking to ensure a successful apprenticeship program is implemented. You can learn more in our Automotive Entry Level Training whitepaper.

What are your considerations and concerns as you plan to rev up your entry level automotive training programs?