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Chief Learning Officer
Innovative Methods to Develop Leaders
by Patrick Sweeney
Successful leaders, by their very nature, are consumed with what they are doing — connecting with clients, motivating talent and inspiring those around them. In particular, enlightened leaders are in a position to create a new future for their organization by identifying the potential and developing the talent of those who could replace them. Sweeney suggest some things learning leaders should consider when putting together leadership development programs.

Stoke the Fire for Social Learning Success
by Dan Steer
There are many different ways to use social media for learning, and its benefits have already been well documented. But not every formal learning initiative that uses social media is successful. If you’ve been trying things out yourself, you may have realized that this is not “Field of Dreams” scenario, you are not Kevin Costner, and simply building it doesn’t mean they will come. You need to stoke the fire to engage your learners.

Training Journal
Agile Organizations More Likely to Experience Growth, Research Claims
The 2013 Barometer on Change finds that more than half (54 percent) of organizations have initiatives in place to reduce costs, compared to just 22 percent with initiatives aimed at improving performance. And worryingly, Less than a fifth (19 percent) claimed to be addressing new products or services.

Corporate Foreign Language Training on the Rise
by Sarah Fister Gale
Foreign language ability may be the final barrier to global corporate expansion. Whether companies partner with international firms, open offices abroad or simply strive to meet the needs of a diverse customer base, their ability to communicate in multiple languages is becoming a strategic business imperative.

Training Magazine
Everyone Can Be a Winner
by Norman Bodek
Imagine all your employees are self-motivated, highly skilled artisans who are self-reliant and self-directed. The Harada Method offers a step-by-step process employees and management can follow, eventually leading to not only more self-reliant employees, but higher-quality products and greater overall success for the organization.

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