Understanding the State of High Consequence Training –


Our recent study with Training Industry which surveyed 152 organizations across a variety of industries resulted in some interesting insights about high consequence training. We created this slideshow to share some of the key learnings with you. Of note, please consider these three takeaways:

  • 71 percent of organizations surveyed self-identified their company (or select departments) as operating in high consequence environments
  • The three main sources of risk to organizations originate from; physical work environments, relationships with customers and reliability of support systems
  • Effective planning vs. ineffective planning when it comes to high consequence training is an even split. 42-50 percent of surveyed organizations still struggle to implement regular planning strategies. This indicates there is still much more to be done to prepare our workforce for the known – and the unknown – when it comes to high consequence environments.

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As you can see, we still have ground to cover when it comes to organizations operating in these high consequence environments. It is critical to plan strategies that apply custom training solutions that align with your business goals, available resources and budgets. Most importantly, all strategies should include the use of measurement metrics to ensure training programs improve performance and meet these desired outcomes. Do you think your organization is well-prepared for mitigating risk?