Are There Cyber Skills Gaps in Your Workforce?

We all know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to cybersecurity. With threats that change every day, and vulnerabilities that differ with every organization, real protection requires a combination of solutions.

There are three areas of your business that can contribute to cybersecurity protection…or to vulnerability – your people, your processes, and your technology. Companies often look for improved process and technology solutions to strengthen their security. But there is not as much focus on the people part of the equation.

Skill gaps = cyber risk

With cyber skills ranging from security incident analyzation to exploit testing to intrusion response and more, there are a lot of different roles for employees in cyber defense. Unfortunately, this also means there’s lots of potential for your cyber team to have skill gaps.

And because no employee is an expert in every cyber skill, it’s more than possible there are gaps on your team right now. Finding out what they are could be the difference between a devastating attack and a successful defense.

In addition, your cyber employees are probably not the only ones responsible for protecting your network. From IT employees to system administrators, other employees are likely involved in your security, and some may not even realize it. Do you know if they have the right skills to minimize risk?

Assess then address

During a recent webinar, Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) asked the cyber professionals in attendance about their confidence level in their organization’s ability to navigate today’s cyber landscape. Only 11 percent said they were confident, while the other 89 percent said they were only somewhat, not very or not at all confident.

On the surface, it sounds like those organizations should immediately start training or updating their security posture, right? Not exactly. Without conducting a proper assessment first, they’re likely to waste time and money. Even worse, they could be addressing the wrong risks, while not even knowing others exist.

Get help at the start

Having the right people in the right roles should always be the goal. But you can’t get there without knowing what you really have and what you really need. Just like a new basketball coach would start by evaluating his team’s strengths and weaknesses, your organization needs to do the same when it comes to cyber.

RPS has the experience and technology to conduct a proper Cyber Workforce Assessment. By starting at the individual level, RPS provides a breakdown of each employee’s ability, and uses them to create a bigger picture that identifies your overall individual, team and enterprise skill gaps.

Predictive assessments give you a true picture of your team’s skills and their level of ability and proficiency. And you’ll be able to compare each staff’s member’s skills against a variety of cyber areas, helping to pinpoint your team’s skill gaps when it comes to identification, protection, detection, response and recovery.

Get an accurate picture of your workforce’s cybersecurity capability. Get in touch with our team now to start your Cyber Workforce Assessment.

In our next blog, we’ll explore how a Cyber Workforce Assessment can make your training effective, efficient and transformative. Does your organization need to assess its cyber workforce? Do you have lessons learned you’d like to share? Start a conversation in the comments below or connect with us at @RaytheonRPS using the hashtags #cyberassessment, #training or #cybersecurity.