Bernie Saboe

Bernie Saboe is a performance consultant at Raytheon Professional Services. Saboe works with a broad variety of companies, in many industries worldwide, to perform key diagnostics and create strategic roadmaps to improve team and business performance.

Why Organizations Need Critical Thinking Training

As professionals in the workplace, we are educated, experienced, and successful. So the notion that we might benefit from training solutions in thinking seems superfluous at best. More likely, we are offended at the suggestion. Why, then, do so many people who undergo such training rave about the gains? Because they learn that despite our...

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Adapting and Aligning Learning Strategy to Avert a Crisis

Learning Crisis Successful leaders use their experience and best practices to develop competitive business strategies for profitable growth. Why then, do over 90% of organizations miss the direct connection between business performance and learning effectiveness? In a recent Bersin study, a major finding was.., “L&D functions in most organizations are in crisis. L&D leaders feel...

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