Christian Flöeter

Christian Flöeter is Head of Learning Solutions Group at Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) EMEA.

Christian has extensive experience with learning in large, diverse and international organisations with special focus on technology-based learning.

After 12 years of military service during which he was also responsible for the restructuring and modernization of military training curricula, Christian worked as Head of Center of Competence for Learning and Employment, Head of Learning Operations, Head of Learning Shared Services Germany and Head of Training for Germany and Europe in the aircraft and defense industry. Christian joined RPS in 2017. He holds a diploma in political and social sciences and a MBA in financial services.

Christian is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

Why cyber training must be about results, not ticking boxes

Well-implemented training and development courses can play an invaluable role in strengthening a business, improving its access to essential skills without relying on contract workers or the expensive and often unpredictable recruitment process. Despite these benefits however, it is still all too common to find that organisations treat training activity as a simple tick-box exercise,...

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Going a step beyond ADDIE

The ADDIE model has served as a cornerstone for course development by instructional designers and training developers. Consisting of Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Analysis, the model has served Raytheon Professional Services well in the thousands of courses we have designed and executed over the years – including our latest Cyber Security Training Programmes. Applying...

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No time to train? How virtual classrooms can deliver essential cyber skills

When it comes to learning and developing new skills, face-to-face time with an instructor is often seen as the ideal approach. Indeed, research from (ISC)2 found that 35 percent of cybersecurity professionals ranked in-person, instructor-led training as the most valuable way of developing their skills. However, while face-to-face, classroom-style teaching can deliver many benefits, it...

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The importance of providing a tailored learning experience for cyber skills

Learning and development is rarely a one-size-fits-all situation. One of the most important aspects of successfully developing skills in the workforce is a thorough understanding of both the objectives and particulars of the organisation, and of course the participants. A training course that works for one set of individuals in one company could be a...

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Finding time for developing cyber skills

Despite the looming threat posed by cyber security issues, the Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019 found that only 27 percent of UK businesses gave staff any form of cyber security training in the previous 12 months, including external and internal development, seminars and conferences. A lack of time and resources is perhaps the most...

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