Egon Fleischer

Egon Fleischer, aged 53 holds a Diploma in Economics from the Baden-Württemberg University of Cooperative Education. He acquired his experiences in the IT and learning business working in various sectors such as engineering, electronics, pharmaceuticals, insurance, business consultancy and adult learning. He has worked on projects in 25 different countries worldwide.

Egon has worked as a trainer of various business subjects and as a consultant for reorganizing vocational and business academies since 1998. In addition, he has worked for various governments in Eastern Europe and the Middle East as an educational policy advisor.
Egon started working in the e-learning sector in 2001, covering with his expertise all of the relevant facets of technology-based learning for adults.

Since 2004, Egon is member of the MMB Learning Delphi expert panel, where leading experts are expressing their opinion on the latest e-learning trends in Germany. At Raytheon Professional Services EMEA, Egon is currently the Head of the Learning Solutions Group.


Thanks to the rise of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and WhatsApp, we are all becoming more ‘social’ than ever before – messaging, sharing, discussing and collaborating across online social networks in ever increasing numbers. Today, the average Briton spends 2 hours and 51 minutes online per day1 and they’re the equivalent of 29% of the...

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