Phil Scheidhauer

Senior Manager, Global Technology & Solution Strategies
Raytheon Professional Services

Phil Scheidhauer is a Global Technology & Solution Strategies leader for Raytheon Professional Services (RPS).

He has over 30 years of experience developing learning design methodologies and technologies, as well as tailored learning solutions for clients in the automotive, oil and gas, power, engineering, airline, HR and defense industries.

In his current role at RPS, he is responsible for keeping the company’s technology focus on track with learning industry needs and standards to ensure that its technology investments continue to keep RPS competitive. In this role Phil collaborates with RPS training teams worldwide, to ensure the global optimization of RPS’ learning solutions.

In addition, he leads the development of technology-enabled and experiential training initiatives such as Learning Content Management Systems, Mobile development/deployment systems and apps, and other advanced technologies such as text-to-speech, translation and augmented reality.

Additional areas of experience include: learning analysis & design systems, gaming and simulation design, pervasive and adaptive learning, rapid development technologies, electronic performance support systems and hardware/systems design.

Flash to HTML5: Steps & Considerations for Success

Properly scoping the conversion project is everything. Particularly if you have a high volume of courseware to address, it is critical that you perform an up-front media analysis on your courses to gather as much useful information as possible.Simply guessing will cost you much time in the long run. Your goal should be to reduce...

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Going from Flash to HTML5

Which courses to retire, convert or replace? If you have a large volume of courses to address, the decision of whether or not to convert them to HTML5 requires a sound strategy and proven processes. Driven by the urgency to rapidly deal with Flash content in existing courses before Adobe and web browsers stop supporting...

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Converting Flash Courses to HTML5

Where Do I Begin? By now, you know Flash is going away. We at Raytheon Professional Services have spent many hours this past year working with clients to assess and convert thousands of courses with Flash content. In this blog, we will share some of our experiences to help you determine where to start the...

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Why should I convert Flash content to HTML5?

When software applications are sunsetted, you can normally expect a period of time during which you can continue to use that app. However, with the sunsetting of Internet browser plug-ins like Flash, your network is left open to security vulnerabilities that are no longer kept in check by the vendor. As a result, browsers will...

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Gone in a Flash: Tackle the HTML5 Conversion Process Now

The reports of Flash’s death are not greatly exaggerated. Indeed, the end is nigh for the controversial software platform: Adobe is ending support in 2020 and many big tech players are already phasing it out. If your organization still relies on Flash-based training and certification courses, this means the time to start converting to HTML5...

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