Phil Scheidhauer

Senior Manager, Global Technology & Solution Strategies
Raytheon Professional Services

Phil Scheidhauer is a Global Technology & Solution Strategies leader for Raytheon Professional Services (RPS).

He has over 30 years of experience developing learning design methodologies and technologies, as well as tailored learning solutions for clients in the automotive, oil and gas, power, engineering, airline, HR and defense industries.

In his current role at RPS, he is responsible for keeping the company’s technology focus on track with learning industry needs and standards to ensure that its technology investments continue to keep RPS competitive. In this role Phil collaborates with RPS training teams worldwide, to ensure the global optimization of RPS’ learning solutions.

In addition, he leads the development of technology-enabled and experiential training initiatives such as Learning Content Management Systems, Mobile development/deployment systems and apps, and other advanced technologies such as text-to-speech, translation and augmented reality.

Additional areas of experience include: learning analysis & design systems, gaming and simulation design, pervasive and adaptive learning, rapid development technologies, electronic performance support systems and hardware/systems design.

Adaptive Learning and Learning Development Platforms

The two platform types will merge and combine features When reviewing and selecting a learning development platform, teams are experiencing a major transition in learning technology. Learning Development is no longer headed down the path of publishing normal eLearning and Mobile Learning. The most disruptive technology in recent years, Experiential Learning, vis-à-vis xAPI with Adaptive...

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Time is Running Out. Convert your Flash Courses to HTML5

If this is a perfect world, then you will already be well on your way to completing the conversion of your existing Flash courses to HTML5. Unfortunately for most, the best laid plans have been put on hold due to more pressing tasks. There is still time to make the conversion, and depending on how...

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Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality – What works best in the learning space?

There is lots of buzz around the various “Realitys”, particularly due to technology finally catching up with expectations. Before looking at when to use each type, let’s touch base on where the technology is today. From AR Software Development Kits (SDKs) to AR/VR/MR headsets, it’s been loads of fun watching the various technologies evolve. Apple,...

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So Flash is really going away. What do we do with our learning content?

If you have not already begun to migrate your courses from Flash to HTML5, you may want to ask for help in catching up. Time is running out to convert all your favorite micro learning content so they will continue to run in modern browsers and connect with LMS and other tracking technologies. Let’s face...

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In 2016, Mobile Technology Takes Shape as the Future of L&D

We already know that mobile technology is rapidly surpassing other methods of communication, but the magnitude of mobile’s impact on society is also causing quite a shift in how we behave and learn. Cisco reports that by 2019, 5.2 billion people will be mobile users – 70% of the world’s population. Additionally, US millennials, who...

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