Virtual Classroom Training Delivers a Rich Learning Experience

VCT Eliminates the Risks and Cost of Traveling for Training As learning professionals, we understand that the opportunity for learners to interact with instructors in a classroom setting offers a level of interactivity and hands-on training that’s critical for the effective learning of certain topics. However, traditional, in-person classroom training can be as inefficient as...

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Ways to Enable Learning Transformation in 2020

New year, new trends for L&D professionals? Not necessarily. Many of the lessons learned - and areas of focus of the past few years - deserve to be built on this year. L&D  leaders who aim to further develop a high performance learning culture will continue to pull on some  key levers that have proven...

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Upskilling: 5 Strategies for Success, and the Key Roles HR and L&D Can Play

The World Economic Forum’s 2018 “Future of Jobs” report stated that over half of employees will need “significant” re-skilling and upskilling by 2022. Organizations are already struggling to find, train and retain the talent they need to compete in the ever-evolving digital economy. Trends such as automation and the rise of cybercrime are quickly changing...

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Upskilling: Training to Address the Changing Workforce Landscape

There are seismic shifts underway in the global workforce that are challenging organizations of every size. While technological advances create powerful business opportunities, they also create significant skills gaps in various segments of the workforce. Adding to this challenge are generational issues. Many baby boomers are retiring and taking their sizable knowledge with them. And...

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Upskilling Vs. Reskilling: Delivering the Training Your Organization Needs to Succeed Today & Tomorrow

The global workforce landscape is changing so quickly and there is a severe shortage of qualified talent in the pipeline to meet the workforce needs in the ever-expanding digital economy. Organizations big and small are struggling to find the solution to this growing problem, both from inside and outside their companies. Many recent college graduates...

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