Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson is Director of Business Development for Raytheon Professional Services LLC (RPS).
Steve has held several positions within the RPS management team in the UK and EMEA headquarters over the last 14 years. In his current role as Director of Business Development, he is responsible for expanding RPS’ business in Europe, Middle East and Africa in the commercial segment.
Steve has 25 years of experience with a primary focus on operations, business development, project management, and transition; he is a subject matter expert in project management including implementation and adaptation of processes. He is a qualified Raytheon Six Sigma™ Bronze Specialist and a serving Non Executive Director of the Institute of the Motor Industry Awards Ltd (IMIAL), representing training interests on behalf of dealers and manufacturers in the UK automotive sector.

Engaging Learners by Putting Them Centre Stage

Think back to your school days, and the chances are that teachers decided what you learnt and how you learnt it. If the pace was too fast or too slow, or lessons covered what you already knew or had no interest in knowing, you just switched off. Learners are still switching off because while everything...

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Did you know you’re probably already paying for apprenticeships?

One of the most common misconceptions we encounter about apprenticeships is the idea that the time it takes to train a candidate creates a bigger financial burden on an organisation than simply hiring a qualified individual in the first instance. In fact, not only do apprentices provide significant cost savings, but also most large organisations...

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How blended learning apprenticeships are solving the cyber skills crisis

The ongoing shortage of cyber skills in the UK will reach crisis proportions in the next few years unless trends are reversed. The Global Information Security Workforce Study (GISWS) conducted by the Centre for Cyber Safety and Education and (ISC)² predicts that by 2022 there will be 350k more cyber security jobs than available practitioners....

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How the Raytheon Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Programme can help your business develop home-grown cyber skills

Cybersecurity has grown to become one of the most pressing business priorities in recent years, but many organisations are struggling to address the challenge. In the face of increasingly numerous and advanced cyberattacks, 45 percent of organisations feel they lack the skills required to protect their assets, according to the 2019 Cybersecurity Training Report. To...

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How can we solve the cyber skills shortage?

With high-profile data breaches being reported on an almost weekly basis, ensuring strong cybersecurity has become an essential business priority today. A single incident can cost an organisation tens of millions of pounds through disrupted operations, lost business, reputational damage, and fines from the EU GDPR and other regulations. Handling the threat posed by the...

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