Stuart Edamura

Stuart Edamura is Business Development Manager for Raytheon Professional Services, a recognized leader in Learning and Development. Stuart is lead for RPS Commercial Cybersecurity training and also participates in other RPS cyber pursuits supporting government and international customers. Stuart brings 15 years of experience leading learning efforts and regularly consults with RPS customers on training strategy and learning technology.

Cybersecurity Frameworks Can Make Your Cyber Program More Effective

The coronavirus crisis has fundamentally changed the way many companies work. Shelter-in-place requirements across the nation have driven employees to working remotely, and consequently have forced companies into facing the reality of digital transformation, whether they had planned for it or not. This new reality, in turn, has also presented a huge opportunity for cybercrime....

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Make Cyber Training Your First Defense

We hear a lot about organizations constantly evolving to meet today’s cyber threats, and for good reason. But, most haven’t thought about transforming their cybersecurity training as a solution. That’s because in cyber defense, where certifications are often required and simply filling open positions is already difficult, most organizations haven’t had the time or energy...

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Are There Cyber Skills Gaps in Your Workforce?

We all know there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution to cybersecurity. With threats that change every day, and vulnerabilities that differ with every organization, real protection requires a combination of solutions. There are three areas of your business that can contribute to cybersecurity protection…or to vulnerability – your people, your processes, and your...

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