Yvon Dalat

Director of Key Accounts
Raytheon Professional Services

Yvon Dalat, Director of Key Accounts at RPS, is responsible for leading the global integration of RPS’ largest learning outsourcing engagement representing over $100M in annual revenue, across 40 countries and 30 languages. He led the expansion and establishment of RPS businesses in Eastern Europe, China, Russia, Mexico and South Korea. Yvon earned his MBA from Leicester University, UK and his BS in Information Technology from the University for Aeronautical Engineering in Toulouse, France and Darmstadt, Germany.

Four “Must Ask” Questions for Designing Effective, Experiential Learning Programs

In my last blog we described how “Experiential Learning is making a come-back”, by addressing the following  business needs”: Reskill or upskill our workforce confronted with new challengesEfficient, engaging learning solutions with the least possible impact on employees’ productivityCollect and analyze new data points from our learners, not only learning data but also talent and...

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Experiential Learning Is Making a Come-Back by Addressing these Critical Business Needs

Accelerating the Need for Change  “What we are seeing is a great acceleration of trends that existed before the crisis. For instance, online delivery’s volume increased by the same amount in eight weeks as it had over the entire previous decade” 1 This quote from Bryan Hancock and Bill Schaninger of McKinsey in their July...

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How to Shift Your Learning Operations to Cope With Travel Restrictions

Initiatives We Should All Start Implementing Now Regardless of our current circumstances, learning departments are still responsible for ensuring the workforce is prepared  for the new skills economy. An economy where knowledge is available in the palms of our hands but where critical skills are rapidly evolving to include: Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence Analysts,...

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Performance Analytics

Best Arrow in the L&D Quiver This is part II of our learning analytics blog series. Read Part I here Once you’ve gathered learning, talent and performance data, you still must have the skills and experience to analyze the data and extract valuable insights. Gartner’s analytics maturity model helps describes the way we use data...

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Learning Analytics

Learning Leaders Must Become Data Driven Performance Champions Any successful training or performance improvement intervention starts with understanding the business challenge to solve and the performance gap to close. A PWC Annual Global CEO Survey showed that 73 percent of CEOs have concerns about the skill sets of their employees. They expect their learning department...

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