Training for the 140 Character Attention Span: How Learning Professionals Can Keep Up

Attention span is defined as the length of time a person can concentrate on a task, activity or idea without becoming distracted or having the mind wander off. This is a consideration that learning professionals must constantly be aware of when designing a training course for their audience. How long do we have to get...

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Mobile Divorces Flash...And What It Means For Training

It’s no secret that HTML5 has taken over when it comes to digital content development for mobile devices. In November of 2011, Adobe announced that it would no longer continue to develop their Flash Player for mobile device browsers. What does this mean for training professionals? It means that anyone developing eLearning content intended for...

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Standardized Variation – The Key to Multilingual Training

While “Standardized Variation” may sound like an oxymoron, it may also hold the key to effective multilingual training. The topic has emerged as an important consideration for trainers when  developing a standardized course master that ensures consistency across the entire training population, while also accommodating the appropriate cultural variations of local audiences. Too much standardization...

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