Certified has Become the Name of the Game in the Automotive Industry

Manufacturers and car dealerships recognize the importance of the driver-technician relationship as it relates to the repeat buying of a brand. That’s why those who sell cars and trucks often go to great lengths to promote the competence of their service departments and technicians. Today, “certified” is the buzzword dealers use to convey excellence in...

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Training: The Key to Keeping Competitive Dealerships at Bay

One of the more interesting aspects of going through the car buying process is how the sales people always want to tell you about the dealership’s great service department. Terms such as award winning, 5-star rating and state-of-the-art facilities are often thrown around to describe the level of service that you can expect when you...

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Why Apprenticeships and Vocational Training are Key to Sustaining Excellence in the Auto Industry

While some may be familiar with the term apprentice by the popular television show launched by Donald Trump in 2004, its roots have proven much more significant throughout history in ensuring knowledge is passed along to the next generation of workers. Since the Middle Ages, apprenticeships have served valuable roles in teaching the skills learned...

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