Designing the Process: Bringing the TA elements together

This is the finale in a series of five blogs on achieving excellence in Training Administration and recognizing the pitfalls along the way. The first part of our series was about data.  In Part II, we look at the role of technology. Part III focused on ways to keep learners engaged. Part IV helps you manage user experience.

Five ways that Training Administration can make or break your training:


Your work on designing effective training administration comes together when you have addressed every part of the process.


You have considered the quality of the data, the technology used and the user’s experience, examined the process with a critical eye and identified how to carry out the work.

You have asked these questions:

Is there documentation?

Is it consistent?

Does it provide a quality user experience?

Is it delivering desired outputs?


Very often using the “Go Gemba” (Japanese for go see) tool is the first step. Going through every part of the process allows you to verify if it is standardised, if it delivers what you assume it does, and if it plots efforts and results.

You can then redesign your processes to use people and technology in the most efficient way while delivering all required outputs.

Once created, you can ensure incorporation in practice by the use of documentation and training. This is not a case of set-it-and-forget-it. You must monitor the situation on a regular basis and ensure there are no bottlenecks or waste of time and resources.


The best people to monitor the process are those closely involved. The solution should come from them. Time is crucial for any customer and late delivery is not acceptable. Make sure to do time analysis and identify activities that bring value to the customer and eliminate those that are pure waste, and continuously be involved in improving activities.

Creating processes may seem like a significant effort from a time perspective. However, this is essential for you to excel and brings many advantages. It aligns all involved parties. It ensures service delivery in the expected manner, it ensures waste reduction works and that we eradicate errors.

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