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Training Industry
Learning’s Missing Piece: The Importance of On-the-Job Training by Viren R. Kapadia
Employees are often trained away from where they work, whether it’s down the hall or on the other side of the country. This traditional approach puts a wall between what employees learn and what they do. On-the-job training can break down this wall. Learners and teachers work shoulder to shoulder and develop a feeling of pursuing the same goal when training on the job. Training becomes something not simply given to employees, but something in which they participate. Employees can give immediate feedback about what they don’t understand and offer suggestions about how to improve lessons and processes.

How Learning Can Help Lead Change  by Maria Ho
As we look back at 2014, most of us can identify at least one major organization-wide change in our workplace. Scanning business headlines from this past year, it becomes clear that the rate of change across all organizations and sectors is both furious and unpredictable. Recognizing this, ATD Research and the Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) recently embarked on a study of change in organizations and the role of learning leaders as organizational change agents. The end product was the report, Change Agents: The Role of Organizational Learning in Change Management.

Fast Company
Why Innovative Leaders Aren’t The Same As Great Leaders by Jane Porter
Innovation is elusive and full of contradictions. It’s about breaking from convention and going in a new unprecedented direction, but also requires incredible teamwork. That’s why heading up innovative companies requires a set of skills unlike those required of the leaders of traditional companies, argues Linda Hill, professor of business administration at Harvard University.

HR Magazine
Senior executives struggling to develop global teams by Hywel Roberts
The report, Decoding motivation: global insight into motivational drivers of corporate training, is based on a poll of 1,000 senior executives across 10 countries. It suggests more than half (53%) often face challenges when trying to motivate staff to start or complete training courses. The problems are particularly pronounced in Europe and other mature markets. In the UK, 91% of executives said they have problems motivating staff to undertake training, while in Germany it’s as high as 97%.

Leaders Are Still Failing To Engage Employees by Roger Trapp
The finding in a report published last week that a quarter of UK workers do not have confidence in their senior leaders is a little disconcerting. Coming as it does, when many in British industry and public life are rejoicing in the fact that the country’s economy is outperforming those of many rivals, it is a poignant reminder of how much better things might be.

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