Digital Transformation: Modernizing Learning for the Changing Workforce

In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of transforming learning to adapt to changing environments. Today, we’ll discuss adapting learning to address the dynamic needs of a rapidly changing workforce.

Building employees’ critical skills & competencies, organizational design & change management, and leadership development are key objectives for HR leaders in 2021. As organizations move from their initial pandemic response to more sustainable operations, they’re trying to build resilience into everything, from strategy to work design, enabling the organization, its leadership and its employees to sense and respond to change.1 Constantly. Without friction.

“Enterprises are rapidly shifting business models and accelerating digital transformation initiatives, adding to the already widespread demand for digital skills.”

Mark Whittle, Gartner HR Practice

Changing Workforce

The pandemic has forced businesses to realign strategies, redefine roles and focus on cost optimization. This coupled with skill shortages from near-term retirement horizons, injection of technology & automation, and other changes find nearly half of HR leaders considering organizational design and change management a key 2021 priority.1 McKinsey research found that 87% of organizations are already experiencing skills gaps, or expect them within a few years.2 These changes present an opportunity for companies to re-examine roles, tasks, performance outcomes and prioritize development so employees perform to meet evolving business needs. 

Building Critical Skills

HR leaders understand the importance of building critical skills in driving many of their organization’s priorities — from growing the business and executing business transformation to improving operational excellence. Traditional ways of predicting needs and upskilling the workforce don’t work in today’s volatile environment as many jobs are requiring more skills, many of which are new.3

One of our long-standing customers is a German-based luxury OEM. The company wanted to increase virtual delivery to their retail network. Since RPS’ learning experts were working remotely and delivering digital learning long before the pandemic, we had the knowledge and expertise required. Virtual interaction requires different skills than in-person learning. Therefore, they looked to our instructor network, experienced in virtual training delivery, to upskill their internal instructor resources.

Additionally, the customer challenged us to deliver a learning and development program that accelerates their organization into the fast lane of digital transformation. The solution needed to provide:

  • An informative and engaging experience to upskill trainers and help them perfect the art of digital delivery
  • A meaningful ‘hands-on’ digital learning experience from a central location
  • A blended learning solution that decreased training costs and time to competency

We delivered a state-of-the-art “train the trainer” program that injected a new level of excitement with its sophisticated delivery style. Employing experiential learning exercises gave trainers the opportunity to reinforce their new skills through “practice” sessions. By blending the latest in digital learning technologies with TV quality studio sets and lighting, trainers were quickly becoming comfortable in front of the camera. They also gained confidence in their ability to keep learners engaged in a virtual environment and overcoming ‘digital’ fatigue. Excitement about our program can best summarized by one of our digital master trainers who had this to say about it, “When you – as the instructor – don’t want the course to end, now that is unique! Having co-developed and exclusively delivered certification training, I know that digital delivery is not for everyone. I am proud to have seen the participants grow, gain confidence they never thought existed and learn skills they never thought they could master.”

The 3-day event enabled 150 trainers and internal employees to earn their certifications. Today, they’re not only delivering engaging digital learning, but company-wide conferences as well. Offering learning and conferences in a digital environment helped our customer reduce delivery costs by 20%+.

Our program is a finalist for the Digital Learning Transformation Award 2020 using digital learning tools in the context of a wider digital transformation of the organization. Innovation, impact and business contribution are the differentiators.

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