Exceptional IDEAS: How Applied Learning Enables Leadership Excellence

She's the boss around here

In a recent study by the CEB Corporate Leadership Council, only 27 percent of organizations believe that their leadership is prepared to succeed in today’s work environment. At Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) we help our clients address this challenge by delivering training initiatives that effectively build advanced leadership excellence, particularly through our IDEAS Leadership Experience.

What is the Big IDEA?

Our IDEAS Leadership Experience provides participants with new perspectives and proven techniques that drive innovation, enhance leadership skills, and encourage growth within organizations. By developing a structured environment for creative thinking and analytical problem solving, participants can nurture individual performance and ensure leadership skills are strengthened through applied learning experiences.

IDEAS Leadership Experience is unlike any other professional development thanks to the powerful combination of advanced knowledge and skills delivered in a highly engaging learning experience.

  • Innovate: View opportunities and challenges in a completely different light to inspire creative thinking
  • Deliberate: Explore new perspectives through purposeful collaboration
  • Evaluate: Practice andapply critical thinking skills and analyze scenarios to connect the dots of disparate information
  • Actuate: Mobilize resources for execution so they can act on ideas and turn them into reality
  • Success: It’s not enough to demonstrate skills in only one or two practice areas. The equation for success requires that all of these principles be exercised to achieve leadership excellence.

The IDEAS Leadership Experience is a blended learning program which includes personal assessments, interactive case studies, peer collaboration, and analysis. Exposure to situational learning and shared insights from global leaders’ first hand experiences help participants achieve the advanced leadership skills needed to accelerate results.

What have been your experiences and best practices for developing leaders within your organizations? We welcome your IDEAS on leadership excellence.

Bill Russell has worked with clients globally from a variety of industries including defense, telecom, banking, manufacturing, automotive, aviation, medical equipment, healthcare, and universities. Through the use of workshops, presentations, and interventions, he strives for quick, collaborative implementations that prioritize actions that yield the fastest and largest payback and encourage multiple cycles of learning. In other words, Bill believes in training for success.