Finding Opportunities in the Flash Conversion Chaos

In today’s business environment, where plans and processes rule supreme, chaos often deserves its status as something best avoided. However, when such states of confusion do occur, it’s also a potential ticket to somewhere else: the land of opportunity.

But when it comes to converting learning and certification courses from Flash to HTML5 — a process that’s no stranger to chaos — many large organizations are missing that opportunity boat altogether. It’s the type of project that can cause headaches and confusion from the start. And that’s why the right approach is essential — to benefit from and tame the chaos.

Here’s how to make sure your organization can do the same and realize the full benefits of the conversion process.

Embrace the evaluation process

First, take a breath. You don’t have to dive right into converting courses. Instead, set the foundation for your plan by evaluating each course for placement into one of four categories: Convert, Refresh, Replace or Retire.

To do this, check that the course is still needed, and then retire it if it’s not. For those that are, see if the course content needs a refresh,and label it as such. If enough content needs updating or a different topic is now more relevant, replace the course. If this happens, look for affordable or free courses that might be available elsewhere before incurring course development costs. Finally, if the content is good or only needs refreshing, find out if you even need to convert the course as it might already be HTML5 compliant.

By making these determinations upfront, you will grab opportunity out of the chaos, such as the elimination of unnecessary courses and conversions, the finding of potential replacements, and the future proofing of content.  

Learn about your learning

After categorizing the courses, it’s a great time to look at them as a collective whole and compare them to your organization’s current learning goals. Then ask some questions:

  • Does this curriculum still meet our overall needs?
  • What new learning methods might work better?
  • Should our organization’s learning strategy change?
  • Do we need to blend old methods with new ones?

These questions and others might seem overwhelming on top of tackling the conversion process itself. But in reality, it’s the perfect time to be asking them. Why waste time and money converting courses that might not be meeting your organization’s current  needs?

A little data goes a long way

Knowing what you have and what you’re up against is crucial to the Flash  conversion process. Making the determinations mentioned above are a great way to start, but even that advantage can improve greatly by starting with the right data.

Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) has the technology to extract, customize and analyze customer course information. Our proprietary tools use a blend of advanced algorithms, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation to analyze your course data upfront.

Then RPS’ learning  experts, armed with this structured data, will create a customized road map that gives you the big picture view from the beginning. You’ll be able to easily identify what to convert, replace, retire or refresh and will see how new tools such as micro- and adaptive learning, or virtual and augmented reality, could fit into your learning plan. In addition, you’ll also receive detailed budget estimates to help ensure you’re getting the most out of your investment in employee training.  

Our experience means we’ve already identified how to get the most of out the conversion process so that your organization’s valuable learning delivers the results you require. Because when it comes to Flash conversion, there’s a lot more to consider than just making sure the same old courses keep working. Get in touch with the RPS team now to make the most of your conversion chaos.

In a related blog, read about how data and technology can best benefit the Flash to HTML5 conversion process. How would you tackle the Flash conversion process in your organization? Do you have lessons learned that you’d like to share? Start a conversation in the comments below or connect with us at @RaytheonRPS using the hashtags #Flashconversion, #elearning or #onlinetraining.

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