Finding time for developing cyber skills

Despite the looming threat posed by cyber security issues, the Government’s Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2019 found that only 27 percent of UK businesses gave staff any form of cyber security training in the previous 12 months, including external and internal development, seminars and conferences.

A lack of time and resources is perhaps the most common barrier for training that we encounter when discussing skills development with organisations. Even for companies that are fully aware of the importance of cyber skills, it can be difficult to create the availability for their staff to participate in development. External training courses designed to accommodate participants from multiple companies will also often be quite broad, likely requiring individuals to cover ground they are already familiar with.

IT teams under pressure

While it is possible to improve general cyber awareness and processes with occasional training sessions, developing essential skills like risk analysis and pen testing requires a more concerted effort that simply may not be possible in a busy work schedule.

This is particularly true for IT personnel, who will be the most viable staff members for developing essential technical security skills. From overseeing digital transformation projects to fighting the daily IT fires across the company, most IT teams will already have their hands full with their normal duties, let alone finding time to spend three days attending an offsite course.

In fact, the Government’s security report actually found that while the percentage of staff undergoing security training had in general increased slightly, the number dropped significantly when it came to IT personnel. In the last 12 months, only 29 percent of IT underwent training down from 43 percent in 2017.

Alongside time, budget and resources can also be a limiting factor. Many firms attempt to avoid expensive external training courses by providing training in-house. However, this can often serve to put even more pressure on those senior IT practitioners tasked with providing the training, and makes it difficult to deliver a coherent, formalised experience.

Focusing on flexibility

In the digital age where so many other aspects of our work and home lives is accessible at our convenience, there is no need to continue pulling staff away from their duties for lengthy offsite training courses.

Flexibility and accessibility are the core tenets of Raytheon Professional Services’ Cyber Security Training Design and Development offering. We will design the courses following an in-depth consultation to ensure that they meet all of the needs of your organisation, particularly when it comes to limits on time and availability. We can then cater the experience to match the needs of specific individuals within your team.

Courses can be delivered via e-learning and be made available via mobile devices, to allow participants to study as and when it’s convenient for them, and they can continue their development at any time.

Get in touch with our team now to find out how RPS can design and develop a personalised cyber security training programme to fit the busy schedules of your personnel.