Innovation and Creativity are the Keys to Keeping Employees Engaged in Training

Regardless of industry, geography or job function, customers and prospects are consistently coming to us with the same question – How do we make our training programs more innovative, creative and engaging for our employees?

Unfortunately, there is no single, right answer to that question. But, there are factors that all organizations can take into consideration to help steer them in the right direction.

Social networks, mobile apps, and information on-demand have invaded all aspects of our lives and now employees are expecting much of the same instant gratification when it comes to job training. We can help trainers embrace that new reality when rethinking their corporate training programs. Organizations can’t be afraid to think ‘outside the classroom’ and abandon legacy training tactics if it means it could lead to better overall training outcomes – for both trainers and employees.

Speak to employees where they live, such as on their handheld devices and social networks (when appropriate) in a way that resonates with them. Don’t compete against the ‘new’ channels, embrace them. For example, consider retiring the eight-hour, on-site training course that covers a half dozen topics in a single day and adopt a webinar or YouTube series instead. Make the information available to employees in ways that will help them more easily digest and retain it.

Wilma Calderone is a proposal manager at RPS. Wilma joined RPS in 2005 and has been responsible for managing the lifecycle of learning solutions from analysis to implementation. In her current position, she creates innovative learning solutions that are geared toward increasing speed to competency for key talent for new customers. Wilma earned a Ph.D. in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of North Texas.