Keeping Up with Ever-Changing Industry Regulations in Financial Services

Each week Raytheon Professional Services (RPS) will highlight a trending issue with importance to the training industry. These observations are the product of ongoing conversations with customers, analysts and professionals within the business and training communities.

This week’s observation: Financial services companies are in a constant battle to refresh, maintain and develop new curriculum to remain compliant with ever-changing industry regulations. While these are necessary standards, in some cases they can cause unintended difficulty. For companies with policies that require their contingent workforce change every 12-18 months, this can cause inefficiencies with development processes, workload, assimilation of new talent, and more. To help drive consistency in deliverables and performance, companies can look for a training partner to help support the transition, especially when it comes to managing vendors or providing integrated design and  development solutions.

Rachael Bourque is a manager at RPS, responsible for global market research, analyst relations and business development. She has spent the past 15 years in the professional services B2B market, developing strategies for sales and growth in solutions-driven environments. Rachael is a Qualified Raytheon Six Sigma™ specialist and is based in Dallas, Texas.