Leveraging Learning Management Systems for Success

This week’s observation: There has been a great deal of focus in the training industry lately around learning management systems (LMS). While the value of these programs is almost universally accepted, confusion continues to reign when it comes to selecting and implementing the proper system for the job. Organizations struggle to define the correct use for their LMS and to realize the full potential of their investment. At a minimum, an LMS should be an effective tool for managing course listings and the status of course work. The value it provides in tracking and maintaining certifications has far reaching implications beyond the realm of training and can directly impact the performance of a business. When certifications expire, workers can’t be assigned jobs until they complete the necessary course work. Ensuring completion of this work prior to expiration has become a critical concern across industries and has created a sense of urgency to select and implement an LMS that meets the needs of the business.

Rachael Bourque is a manager at RPS, responsible for global market research, analyst relations and business development. She has spent the past 15 years in the professional services B2B market, developing strategies for sales and growth in solutions-driven environments. Rachael is a Qualified Raytheon Six Sigma™ specialist and is based in Dallas, Texas.