Market Your Training Programs

Marketing and training are no strangers to each other. Constant pressure to demonstrate value to the organization and ensure training programs are fully utilized, has program managers recognizing the need for a well-defined training marketing strategy. Many learning and development departments already use marketing as an essential component to ensure the success of their training initiatives. Marketing can help attract participants to the training sessions and spread the word about the value of what is being taught in the sessions.

There are lots of low cost communications channels training professionals can use to get the message out such as intranets, newsletters or events. However, as training and business alignment converge, it is increasingly important to target the right sponsors for learning and development. When senior executives champion major learning initiatives, this injects additional value and sustainability into these programs, and contributes to the reputation of the learning and development function as a true business partner. Training measurement also plays a dominant role in communicating the importance and relevance of training to achieving key business objectives.

At the end of the day, only initiatives that contribute to the bottom line are the ones that are considered key to businesses. For some learning and development departments it might be time to revisit their marketing strategy and uncover new ways to strengthen their reputation for delivering business results and improving performance.

Sabine Koenig leads Raytheon Professional Services’ marketing & communications function for Europe, Middle East & Africa.  Her team is responsible for all aspects of communications & media relations of RPS’s portfolio of services in the region. Sabine is a Qualified Raytheon Six Sigma™ specialist and is based in Ruesselsheim, Germany.