Mentors, Resolutions and Happiness at Work

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Chief Learning Officer: The Future of Mobile Learning by Elliott Masie
The phrase “mobile learning” is popping up all across the learning field. There is excitement and innovation around the potential to put learning resources in the hands of the workforce no matter where or when. One would assume from this level of attention that workers are learning to do their jobs by accessing a smartphone or tablet. This isn’t true. Excitement about mobile is leading to hype, not readiness. The first step will be to make current and new content device-ready.

Inc.: 5 Things Not to Do in the New Year by Janine Popick
The beginning of a new year means a fresh list of things you resolve to do in 2013, whether they’re personal, professional, or–most likely–a combo of both. But what are some things that you should stop doing in 2013? After all, getting rid of old habits and old ways of thinking is just as important as committing to new ones. Here, Popnick offers five business (and pizza) “un-resolutions” to consider for 2013.

Forbes: 4 Tips For Finding Great Career Mentors by Lisa Quast
Did you know that January is National Mentoring Month? Finding career mentors isn’t always easy and asking someone you don’t know to be your mentor can be intimidating. In this article, Quast explains how to obtain great mentors and overcome the ‘finding a mentor jitters’ by following these four easy tips.

Harvard Business Review: The Future of You by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic
Welcome to a new era of work, where your future depends on being a signal in the noisy universe of human capital. In order to achieve this, Chamorro-Premuzic believes you will need to master three things: self-branding, entrepreneurship, and hyperconnectivity. He explains that paying attention to your personality and managing your reputation (how others see you) will turn you into a successful brand; paying attention to your ideas and defying the status quo will help you become a change agent; and bridging the gap between social knowledge and collective interests will turn you into a hyperconnector. Do you agree that these three elements are key to success in the modern workplace?

Training Magazine: Teaching Listening Skills: Is It Time for a Change? by Ellen Freed
Effective communication is at the heart of establishing the trust so necessary for developing and maintaining long-term business relationships. Whether you are a manager, professional sales representative, or account executive, it is crucial to continually strengthen your ability to accurately decipher and appropriately handle verbal and non-verbal signals received from a speaker. In this article, Freed outlines several tips on being a great listener. Does your organization teach listening skills?

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