New Barcelona Service Center Delivers Unmatched Global Customer Support

February officially marked the expansion of Raytheon Professional Services’ (RPS) global customer support organization with the opening of our new Raytheon Service Center in Barcelona, Spain. With views of the famed Sagrada Família cathedral, the modern center will support 23 countries in 19 languages – and providing best-in-class administration services and logistical support for RPS Training across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA).

The center is staffed to assure that every instance of a client’s contact with RPS is via a “local” service agent – that is, someone from their country or region.  All of the center’s dozens of agents speak at least two languages. The addition of the new center builds on RPS’ leadership as a global learning solutions provider, with training services now offered to workforces in 100 countries and in 28 different languages.

One of the many advantages  the center offers to global customers is the ability to have many aspects of their training services centralized -and streamlined- in one location.

Some of the important learning management and administration solutions offered to our marquis list of global clients include:

  • Telephone & email support in 19 languages
  • Learning Management System technical help
  • Project management support to local and central teams
  • Market research / mystery shopping
  • Customer satisfaction follow up
  • Centralized training administration & logistic services
  • Coordination of local training deployment; Assisting local customization and translation of existing courses and materials
And more.

The center’s support team,  as part of their services,  has coordinated over 10,000 training courses, handled more than 53,000 helpdesk calls and nearly 45,000 emails, and made upwards of 62,000 campaigning calls.

Raytheon Professional Services and our new service center are well poised for continued growth and we look forward to further supporting our clients’ global learning management, administration and logistics needs in EMEA.