No Innovation Allowed

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Harvard Business Review
Nine Rules for Stifling Innovation by By Rosabeth Moss Kanter
Innovation has become the holy grail. Finding innovation is almost a sacred quest for the solution that will create growth, and open new eras of prosperity and well-being. Unfortunately, like many things called holy, the concept of innovation is invoked ritually and ceremonially more than it is embraced in practice. Kanter’s list of “anti-rules” explains how to ensure there will be little or no innovation of any significance in your organization.

6 Traits of the Best Coaching Relationships by Les McKeown
A great coaching relationship is a blessing. Whether you need to work on your strategic thinking or your delegation skills; whether you need to learn to say no or say yes; whether it’s learning to work collegially or communicate better, there’s no substitute for learning from someone who has not only been-there-done-that but is also a gifted teacher and mentor. Problem is, many – if not most – coaching relationships don’t work out that way. This article explains what it takes to supercharge your leadership coaching relationship.

How To Be A Super-Achiever: The 10 Qualities That Matter by Jenna Goudreau
What do actor Alec Baldwin, game-show champion Ken Jennings and baseball icon Yogi Berra have in common? No matter how diverse their goals or crafts, super-achievers share many of the same habits. How can you follow in their footsteps? This article outlines 10 qualities that will set you apart. 

The Wall Street Journal
Bosses Struggle With Time Management, Too by Leslie Kwoh
If there’s one thing executives lack, it’s time. And many of them, it turns out, aren’t happy with how they’re managing this limited resource. In an online survey of nearly 1,400 senior executives  — including 668 CEOs and 557 other C-level execs  — just 52% said they were spending their time in a way that matched their companies’ strategic priorities. Perhaps companies need to address time management as an organizational initiative, not an individual one.

Why are Lawyers Such Terrible Managers? by Deena Shanker
Considering the money law firms invest in every newly hired attorney, it would make sense for partners to pay close attention to lawyer satisfaction. Yet, bosses in the legal profession are notorious for making life miserable for their staffers. According to the National Association for Legal Professionals Foundation, in 2010, firms with 251 to 500 attorneys lost 19% of their associates, with the top reason for departure listed vaguely by firms as “work quality standards were not met.” Law firms writing those big bonus checks ought to take note: associates are looking for more than just the fattest salary package.

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