Onboarding and Knowledge Transfer: Where to Start?

My last two blog posts discussed the state of onboarding and knowledge transfer in today’s organizations. While these aspects of training are both extremely important to overall success, we must acknowledge that most learning leaders are not working with an unlimited budget. With this in mind, how should organizations allocate their investments in these areas?

Previous research has shown that poor onboarding and knowledge transfer practices generally lead to high turnover, so turnover rates are a great way to identify departments in need of additional attention. When we asked 210 learning leaders which departments experienced the highest turnover in their organization, Customer Service and Sales came out on top.

Interestingly (and alarmingly), when we asked them where high turnover would have the greatest negative impact, the same two departments were named most frequently.

It goes without saying that limited resources should be focused on areas where onboarding and knowledge transfer, and thereby retention, will have the greatest impact on the business’s overall health. For the learning leaders we surveyed, this critical area is clearly front-end, customer-facing departments.

This is not to say every business should prioritize onboarding and knowledge transfer investments in sales and customer service. An organization’s priorities will always depend on the orientation of its value stream. But, if there is an area that is at risk due to turnover and attrition rates that has a significant impact on the business model, that area must be identified and prioritized.

I want to close my onboarding and knowledge transfer series by reiterating an important point: these two aspects of training are extremely interconnected. A formalized program should address these areas together, and information should be captured and delivered consistently throughout your organization. When done correctly, onboarding and knowledge transfer are two streams that join to create a constant current of learning. Raytheon Professional Services provides insight into learning management and knowledge transfer with our industry-leading systems.

If you found my blogs on this topic helpful, I encourage you to check out my full Onboarding and Knowledge Transfer webinar for additional insight.