Our Mission: Maximize the Value and Efficiency of Your Training

As the global workforce continues to evolve and the competition for labor with specialized skillsets intensifies, companies are turning more and more to training solutions that increase the value and efficiency of its workforce. Whether they are mission critical roles where failure is not an option such as airline pilots or trauma surgeons, or assembly line workers where the smallest mistakes have the potential to cost millions in operating losses, everyone stands to benefit from more advanced and better training.

Applying high-consequence training methods such as those used by the military and NASA allows employees in any industry to improve outcomes and efficiencies, and mitigate or in some cases even eliminate risk all together. The ripple effect can be vast. The training can make an employee more confident and in-control, more valuable to the company, and more likely to stay on in their role.

At Raytheon Professional Services (RPS), we have more than 80 years of experience in helping clients meet their objectives through improved workforce performance.  We focus on our clients’ critical success factors, such as speed to market, customer satisfaction and cost reduction.  We scale our capabilities to meet the needs and standards of the industries we serve and the workers we train.

With these principles in mind, we are pleased to introduce the RPS blog to our valued customers, both present and future.  Readers stand to benefit greatly from the years of experience our authors and experts will be bringing to the site on a weekly basis.  We will be exploring different training methods and best practices across industries to assist you in implementing a training regimen that makes sense for your business.  Our goal is to share information and assist you with your training needs.

In the true sense of community, we encourage you to weigh-in on the conversation, whether you agree or have a differing opinion.  Want to see a topic covered in more depth? Let us know about it and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Thank you and I hope you enjoy the RPS blog.

–        Dave