How the Raytheon Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Programme can help your business develop home-grown cyber skills

Cybersecurity has grown to become one of the most pressing business priorities in recent years, but many organisations are struggling to address the challenge. In the face of increasingly numerous and advanced cyberattacks, 45 percent of organisations feel they lack the skills required to protect their assets, according to the 2019 Cybersecurity Training Report.

To help businesses develop and cultivate the skilled security practitioners needed to take on cyber threats, Raytheon Professional Services has launched its first Cybersecurity Apprenticeship Programme. The programme brings together Raytheon’s status as a leading figure in cybersecurity and defence solutions with our deep expertise in creating and running highly successful apprenticeship schemes in a variety of industries.

Our two-year cybersecurity courses will provide organisations everything they need to start hiring and training cyber security practitioners, from sixth formers looking to enter the field to existing employees who wish to reskill. With our blended learning approach, candidates will join the security workforce as fulltime employees while being supported with offsite training courses. Our courses are certified by CREST and the BCS, and successful candidates will join the team as fully qualified security professionals.

Organisations can currently choose between two distinct courses to grow the cyber skills they need most:

The Cyber Security Technologist

Technologists will be equipped with a wide array of skills and experience, enabling them to develop and grow into multiple different roles further into their career. Essential areas such as security design and architecture, as well as security testing, and investigations and response​.

The course will combine technical expertise with an understanding of business strategy, preparing candidates for cybersecurity management roles that will need to connect the lines between technology and business needs.

The Cyber Intrusion Analyst ​

The Cyber Intrusion Analyst course is focused on providing the frontline skills necessary for detecting and mitigating cyber threats. Apprentices will use a range of automated tools to monitor networks in real time and will learn how to identify and mitigate serious security threats. These skills will prepare them for handling routine security alerts to managing an active cyberattack.

The financial advantage

Alongside providing access to talented and dedicated security practitioners, our cybersecurity apprenticeships also offer a significant financial advantage. As we offer a fully certified apprenticeship programme, organisations taking on apprentices though RPS will be able to access funds provided by the government’s Apprenticeship Levy. The Levy is funded by all UK employers with a payroll over £3m, who must contribute .05 percent of their total payroll regardless of whether they operate an apprenticeship themselves. Larger companies will essentially be reclaiming this tax to fund their apprenticeships and will also receive an additional 10 percent of their total contribution back from the government.

Employers will also not need to pay National Insurance for any apprentice under the age of 25 and on an annual salary less than £40k. This represents a saving of £2,280 per year for an apprentice earning £25k per annum compared to a normal full-time employee.

 Find out how we can help you

RPS’s Cybersecurity Apprenticeship programme provides any organisation with low-cost access to talented and driven security apprentices who will immediately bolster their security personnel, before swiftly developing into fully qualified and experienced security professionals.

Get in touch with our team now to find out how we can help you to grow your own security skills in-house and futureproof your organisation against serious cyber threats.