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The 10 Commandments of Implementing an LMS by Amit Aggarwal
In our increasingly dynamic business landscape, enabling an agile learning culture is critical to achieving any sort of success. To that end, organizations proactively pursue best-in-class learning management systems (LMSs) to support their learning needs. Fortunately, we have seen several new LMSs enter the market in recent years. Although most LMSs come with a general set of promises (and almost all sound exceptional), the real reward lies in your specific implementation. Our journey in implementing a cloud-based LMS recently led Genpact to uncover some significant insights. So, if you are planning an LMS implementation for a large global organization, here are our 10 commandments for achieving success.

Training Industry
Transforming L&D in 2015-2025 by Marina Theodotou
As the way of doing business continues to rapidly change, it impacts the way learners prefer to learn and keep up with such change. As a result, organizations, in particular L&D functions, are challenged in the way they engage, plan and manage learning to keep up with both business and learner needs. The infographic below examines four questions relating to the transformation of L&D in the next ten years, exploring how L&D function can add value in this decade 2015-2025 and how L&D providers can be part of the L&D transformation equation.

HR Magazine
Are traditional training initiatives still relevant? by Marie-Claire Barker
The culture of working life is being radically transformed; we are now seeing a technology-enabled, values-driven, mobile workforce who plan their careers in two to three year cycles. In this new environment internal training and employee engagement initiatives have often failed to keep up with the times and match what workers are looking for from companies. To attract the best talent HR needs to have a more nimble and innovative approach. A recent study showed that more than half of millennials were disappointed by a lack of personal development when starting a role. Employees are looking for a purpose as well as a job, so we must focus on making the time spent at a company the best possible experience.

Focus on the Means, Not the Ends by Ladan Nikravan and Kate Everson
The bottom line dominates many business leaders’ opinions of their employees, but some companies have turned to less numerically inclined means to define success. Take for example Decision Toolbox, a recruitment company that has won multiple awards for its workplace flexibility programs. By adopting a performance-driven workforce, the organization rewards employees for how they do their work, not their results. Kim Shepherd is CEO of Decision Toolbox. She talked with Chief Learning Officer about performance-driven work and how it affects employees of all ages.

Engaging the 21st century workforce with an accessible approach to learning by Julian Wragg
From standing desks, to the rise of collaboration platforms like Box and Slack, we’re edging closer to working the way we want to perform to the best of our ability. And it’s not just about simplicity; the ‘I want it now’ generation has transformed the way we like to do things both inside and outside of the workplace. We want answers now, whether this is via voice search, instant translation, or productivity apps on the go. This thirst for immediate knowledge has altered the way we like to work. Technology is the key force for changing this behaviour in the workplace; take the way we research information as an example. YouTube is reported to be the second largest search engine and learning apps on-the-go like Duolingo are going from strength to strength. Despite this, too often training takes the form of a classroom setting and learning by rote.

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