Shifting Gears: Transitioning from Soldier to Civilian

Soldiers and other guests listen as Raytheon, GM and the Army announce the Shifting Gears initiative at the Pentagon.

Unemployment rates for young veterans are more than double the national average.  And soldiers leaving the service are about to experience that harsh reality firsthand. According to Lt. General Howard B. Bromberg, Army G-1, more than one million soldiers will transition to civilian life over the next decade. As they leave their military careers behind them, soldiers will search for ways to apply the specialized skills they developed in the Army to civilian careers.

Jeff Boss of Forbes recently wrote a piece on design thinking and how the Army, Raytheon and GM are applying this approach to help veterans with the transition to civilian life and better equip them for the next stage of their lives with the newly launched Shifting Gears program. Boss writes –

The Army’s approach to design thinking provides a breath of fresh air for organizations entrenched in tradition and bureaucracy, since “leaders now look to innovation as a principal source of differentiation and competitive advantage” (Source: HBR).

To read Boss’ complete article on the Shifting Gears program, visit here – The Army’s New Decision-Making Model.