The importance of providing a tailored learning experience for cyber skills

Learning and development is rarely a one-size-fits-all situation. One of the most important aspects of successfully developing skills in the workforce is a thorough understanding of both the objectives and particulars of the organisation, and of course the participants. A training course that works for one set of individuals in one company could be a complete waste of time for another set in a different organisation.

This is particularly prevalent when it comes to developing cyber security skills, as there is a lack of standardisation in the industry. This is in part due to cyber security still being a nascent industry, as well as the perception of it being fast paced. The security landscape is constantly shifting, with new offensive and defensive technologies and techniques continually changing the status quo.

While there are various frameworks and guides on best practice, in many cases, security professionals work more by experience and intuition than from a standard playbook that is common across any given organisation.

This means that one security team could operate completely differently to another, even within comparable enterprises.

Indeed, even individuals within the same team are likely to have markedly different skillsets and knowledge bases. Hands on, practical experience is usually more highly valued by employers than training certification or formal qualifications.

In fact, research by (ISC)2 found that relevant cyber security work experience, and knowledge of advanced concepts, were both seen as more desirable traits by organisations than industry certifications.  

However, while hands-on experience in the field is often the single most valuable trait a security professional can possess, it is also important for organisations to provide their teams with the opportunity to develop new skills in a more structured way. Building towards specific qualifications can also help provide more structure within the security team.

Taking a personalised approach

At Raytheon Professional Services, we draw on decades of experience in learning and development to ensure that all of our courses are highly focused on the requirements of the individuals taking the course, and the organisation as a whole.

Our approach to course development is built around Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation and Evaluation (ADDIE), combined with a focus on delivering an agile and cost-effective experience.

Every engagement starts with an in-depth assessment and develops in the direction required to meet the company’s learning objectives. This could mean taking existing programmes and curating them to fit specific organisational objectives and processes, or taking an entirely blank slate approach and designing and developing content and delivery channels from scratch.

Our Cyber Security Training Design and Development services specialise in creating highly bespoke courses that can be customised to meet any level of experience or operational structure. Each course can incorporate a wide variety of learning methods and materials, integrating face-to-face teaching and mentoring with virtual classrooms, online and mobile learning. Our content team also creates high-quality material as needed, including illustrative and interactive videos, and even augmented reality and gamification assets.

Pulse Survey

With digitalisation of work at full speed, there is a gap between the pace of technological development and the capabilities needed to mitigate the risk of cyber-attacks, and to ensure breaches are handled expertly and efficiently. With our learning analyst partners at Towards Maturity, we want to explore this further and discover what you have to say. Please share your thoughts in our 10 minute pulse survey (it is completely confidential) and be the first to discover what we find out. We will share early insights from the report in December 2019.

To find out how we can create bespoke cyber security development courses that matches your specific needs, get in touch with our team today.