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How to Train Your Brain to Stay Positive by Nadia Goodman
Conquering challenge and failure is essential to the success of your business. That’s why it’s important to train your brain to stay positive when times are tough. The tips in this article will help you address failures and challenges without letting them get you down, leaving you more motivated, productive, and likely to succeed.

Up Your Productivity–Not Your Hours by Michael Alter
For a long time, the picture of a good employee in the U.S. has been someone who stays late, comes in on weekends, and always appears to be grinding away. People like this sometimes make a big show of how busy they are. In actuality, though, productivity isn’t about how much you’re working; it’s about how much you’re accomplishing. So how do you advise employees on the best ways to organize and prioritize? Alter suggests thinking about your work in A, B, and C buckets.

Harvard Business Review
How Female Leaders Should Handle Double-Standards by Herminia Ibarra
How women are perceived — how they dress, talk, their “executive presence,” capacity to “fill a room,” leadership style and public image — has been the object of vast, well-intentioned efforts to get more women to the top. The premise is that women have not been socialized to compete successfully in the world of men, and so they must be taught the skills their male counterparts have acquired naturally. But, at the same time, they must “tone it down” or risk being labeled as having sharp elbows. What to do in a world when image and perceptions matter, and gender stereotypes remain firmly entrenched? Ibarra shares her conclusions.

Fast Company
Why Faking Enthusiasm Is The Latest Job Requirement by Anya Kamenetz
Increasingly, companies want loving the job to be part of the job (though they’re less eager to pay for it). But when our required professional persona is at odds with our selves, we all suffer. Is there a solution? Kamenetz investigates.

Business Insider
Hierarchy Kills Innovation by Andy Boynton
There was a time in our organizational past when hierarchies worked well enough. During the heydays of heavy industry, firms operated like machines. Today, businesses have to operate like brains. They need to be fast, flexible, and adaptive, all of which require a robust flow of ideas. A trick used by the producers of weekly television dramas and comedies can help you neutralize hierarchy and encourage innovation.

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