Training: Is Your Investment Paying Off?

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Harvard Business Review
Want Productive Employees? Treat Them Like Adults by Tony Schwartz
Your employees are adults, capable of making their own decisions about how best to get their work done, and all good relationships involve some compromise. In this article, Schwartz argues that employers should stay focused on one primary question about each employee: What is going to free, fuel, and inspire this person to bring the best of him or herself to work every day, most sustainably?

Training Magazine
From Learning to Performing by Neil Shorney
Training is important, but it’s just one part of what goes into creating real change. In order to get results, it’s vital that organizations provide additional support to maximize a training program’s chances of success. In this article, Shorney explains what that support might look like for your organization.

ASTD Human Capital Blog
Organizations Investing More in Talent, but Question the Results by ASTD Staff
Talent is the key to success in today’s global economy, but as organizations increase their investment in human capital many of them question whether it is paying off. According to Mercer’s new Talent Barometer Survey, 60 percent of organizations worldwide report increasing their investment in talent in recent years. However, a much smaller percentage of respondents, 24 percent, say their plans are highly effective in meeting immediate and long-term human capital needs.

The Health Care Blog
Why Patient Engagement Really Does Matter and Why So Many People Are Getting It Wrong by Rob Lamberts, MD
Patient engagement is hot; it’s the new buzz phrase for health wonks. The objective of patient engagement is to create a communications network that prevents diseases. Engagement is about interaction, listening, and learning in relationship to another person. Engagement is not a strategy, it is care. Is your organization training it’s healthcare professionals to engage with patience?

Chief Learning Officer
Teach Swimming or Prevent Drowning? by Bob Mosher
Mosher believes it’s time for a fundamental shift in the design and delivery of training. We need to stop teaching swimming and intentionally equip the enterprise to survive a turbulent and ever-changing work environment. This will involve an innovative redesign of our teams, deliverables and ways we evaluate our effectiveness.

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