User Experience: It’s More Than Training

This is the fourth in a series of five blogs on achieving excellence in Training Administration and recognizing the pitfalls along the way. The first part of our series was about data.  In Part II, we look at the role of technology. Part III focused on ways to keep learners engaged. Part IV helps you manage user experience.

Five ways that Training Administration can make or break your training:


The best approach for Managing Your Users’ Experience is knowing that the experience is more than just training.

What are the EXPECTATIONS?

You first need to understand the expectations of the learners. Once you know your users expectations, you can then work to manage all of your training administration tasks and keep them going.

Learners will evaluate their training experience not just on the training event, but on every step of the process. You need to think of all the possible interactions and manage their experience at each opportunity.

It is crucial to make the training administration contact details easy to find. Do not hide your help desk or support information – make it prominent. It is imperative that support is readily available in the users preferred choice and time.

Optimize the LMS by making it easy to use.  Build an attractive home page, make it simple to navigate, and post regular news updates.


One-click enrollment should provide automatic warning of course prerequisites, information on location and minimal form filling.

Make it easy for the traveler to find a map link for a location, provide a hotel website link, send out calendar invitation files included for flights, etc.


We need to make sure that all the materials are readily available and online, that a digitally optimized version is available and that a download is also available on the LMS. Don’t forget to provide contact details for support.