Virtual Classroom Training Delivers a Rich Learning Experience

VCT Eliminates the Risks and Cost of Traveling for Training

As learning professionals, we understand that the opportunity for learners to interact with instructors in a classroom setting offers a level of interactivity and hands-on training that’s critical for the effective learning of certain topics. However, traditional, in-person classroom training can be as inefficient as it is costly, especially for organizations with a globally distributed workforce.        

While some web-conferencing technologies can give learners access to “live” instructors and subject matter experts (SMEs), organizations must still deal with the challenge of ensuring the learning delivered meets their quality, effectiveness  and consistency standards.

Interactive Communications Between Learners, Instructors and Peers

Virtual Classroom Training (VCT) can address all of these challenges and more, enabling organizations to deliver the benefits of a highly interactive, fully integrated classroom training program while overcoming the barriers of geography, as well as reducing the risks and costs associated with travel in today’s environment.

Presenters should follow scripted, consistent learning content to ensure that outcomes align with your unique organizational needs, driving ROI for your training investment. Live and Web-based, should not require any special equipment or software. With just a computer, high-speed connection and a headset, trainers can provide a highly collaborative training experience that connects learners with subject matter experts and peers.

Moreover, learners can practice and review what they have learned with guided or independent activities, anytime, anywhere. It is a cost-effective, two-way classroom learning experience, delivered via the Web, and accessible on any device.  Sessions can be recorded to allow replay anytime, and anywhere.

VCT can deliver a media-rich experience that can incorporate learning content and tools as well as video, animation, 3-D graphics and live capture of subject matter, such as technical components. By engaging multiple senses and incorporating all learning styles, VCT provides an optimized environment for learning and knowledge retention.

VCT Benefits for Your Organization and Your Learners

  • Drives consistency across the organization by communicating the same content to multiple viewers in dispersed locations
  • Streamlines scheduling with on-demand access to course materials, anytime, anywhere
  • Connects learners via the Web to ”live” trainers, subject matter experts and peers
  • Enables multiple learning styles for an optimized training experience
  • Increases training reach and effectiveness with two-way interaction and rich multimedia content

Integrated Program Management

VCT can be also be integrated with the learning management solutions (LMS) for seamless, real-time scheduling and tracking to support:

  • Student self-service and registration  
  • Training workflow, from user notification to approval to certification
  • Resource management of instructors, facilities and equipment
  • Collaborative learning and application sharing across teams

Discover Live 360 Training

Raytheon Professional Services has taken existing VCT solutions to the next level with our Live 360 Training – by successfully combining the attributes of instructor based classroom training and online training. 

Live 360 enhances the training and learning experience for employees, while embedding knowledge, skills and assertiveness. With its ability to cascade content and data, through a multi-layered blend of verbal, written and video interaction, Live 360 ensures training is reaching a much larger audience than is feasible with face-to-face training, and in a shorter timeframe.

Live 360 key features include:

  • Breakout rooms for sub-teams to collaborate
  • Live shareable whiteboards
  • Polling with immediate graphical feedback
  • SCORM-Trackable simulations
  • Links to other resources
  • Live eCoaching
  • Live Support
  • Multi-camera switching, co-located or geographically distributed
  • Walkabouts – Portable VCT to setup production equipment anywhere
  • Use of green screens to increase immersion

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